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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by alykat View Post
Oooooh NOOOooooo ! Look what you did HAX ! Now I'll have to get out my English - American translation book so I'll know what he's doing !
Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Hmm. He took a train to China to have his bike blessed, doing away with the wickedness?
Originally Posted by DrHax View Post
I understood all of that
well done gentlemen, and V8 you're quite correct in your translation - I'm writing this from a Buddist temple in Shanghai who specialise in mechanical exorcisms. My trek across the European/Asian continental firmament was nothing short of uneventful with bugger all to report to be honest. Simply got on my bike and rode to China - where's the drama in that?

Fear not Alkykat, I shall be reporting in the finest Queen's grammar, with punctuation included when I can be bothered (I'm sure Her Maj swears sometimes as well )

..and Dr H, being as you're a doctor, I'd expect nothing less than for you to be highly educated and more than likely bi-lingual, so translation and comprehension would be a synch sir - period!

I've made some more progress so I'll start a build thread I think, thank you all
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