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Oh, man, where to start-

Yes, Dan David is the guy wanting the seats, and I believe he will be purchasing them "for an undisclosed amount" at the VW Classic in a few weeks. (More "rod building money").
A 5 inch drop is quite severe, but, if needed I can always put spacers between the top of the spring pack and the spring perch, if I need to raise it up, but it's hard to make them lower when everything is set at "max low"
I don't think 500 or 550 -16 tires on a 16x4 " rim shouldn't be any problem, and for early Ford, I found here in San Diego when I was looking for them, 17sx3's all over the place, it was the 16x5's that were a bit hard to find.
The disc barke rotors and calipers are from a Volvo 122, that's the rotor that uses the same bearings as a '37 Ford, with the little spacer to make the inner bearing stick out further, to go on the Ford spindle. I have to make my own caliper mounts.
And I learned a little tidbit yesterday... you know when they say "Use anti-seize on stainless threads"? THEY MEAN IT. A nylock nut was threaded TWICE on a stainless thread, and came right off, but, of cour, on the 3rd time, the threads galled, and I ruined the stainless part getting the nut of grrrr. shoulda listened to my own advice from when I stuck the fender bolts from Totally Stainless on my Oval.... USE ANTI-SIEZE... grrr. I hate wasting brand new, shiny, parts...grrrr.
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