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Default Stance question?

I'm getting ready to start a Volksrod project on my '68 that I've had about a year. I'm trying to figure out what kind of stance an I expect with my current stock beam and without raising the transmission. I currently have 1.5" drop spindles, and then I can do 2 or 3 tooth adjustment to the rear (swing axles). I just know I won't be doing an adjustable beam right off the bat.

I know the 10" beam will give me a 2.5" drop in front and I don't mind a little bit of camber on the back. I've seen a lot of pics on this site, but most of them are slammed with adjustable beams and transmission raises. Those might be options down the road a ways, but not for my "stage 1"

I know, it's a total newb question. I just want to get back to having a driver as soon as I can.

Trying to get an idea what I might end up with after the beam install and rear spine adjustment. If anybody has some pics they can point me to I'd appreciate it.

Here's what I'm starting with. A good reliable driver, with 205/65-15 and 168/80-15 tires. Fenders on the other side have some issues, so it seems like a good base to start with. Front tires might have to get swapped out for something smaller, but will determine that after I get the beam on.

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