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So you mean you want to make it cuvre tighter or looser to fit? Here's how I made one of my corners tighter. You should cut only the lip and the parallel surface (cut the part that curves), and make multiple smaller pie-cuts so it won't be too obvious. You'll have to cut on the other side of the lip as well, so basically cut everything EXCEPT the lip.

Here's my 1st try, the end result just looked like a hack job, so more less obvious pie-cuts is better then a bigger more dramtic pie-cut if you want to reshape a curve

Now if you want to make it more tighter, it's almost the same thing. But you there's only a small distance you can make it looser or will create wave points (speed bumps). What I've found it's sometimes easier to use the factory curve as is instead, just relocate the entire curve itself forward or back instead of moving the frame to meet the curve, makes sense?

more on my pillars here:

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