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Default Re: autostic to full manual

just to update and maybe this can get tossed in the tech bin.... will post pics in a few minutes.

For those who get the infamous autostick and want to switch a full manual transmission, this is info you need. first, what do you need to do in order to make the manual work? well, the shift rod is about an inch too short. Your shifter will be farther forward than before, so you need to remove it. Here's how~~ thanks to quick replies by raydean , we saved the glitter bug baja from a torch!

ok, crawl under the front of your car. You will see a pan, 8 bolts hold it in place. The sway bar fits snug under it, but you won't need to remove it, unless you are changing it anyway.

If the front apron has not been wrecked in the past, lucky you . You will probably have to push, pull and pry this pan now to roll it out from the sway bar.

Once out, you will see a square opening.
now, go disconnect your shifter rod from the back seat. And start pushing the rod forward, go to shifter hole and continue , long needle nose pliers are a big help on this.. Once the rod pops out the front opening, you will probably have to push the apron nose up to get it out, like us, it bent, oh well shit happens. But now the rod is out.
If you have another rod, as long as it's longer, youre fine, go in reverse. If not, or you don't want the hassle of doing this to another super or a bug period, do this...
make a mark, line, so you can keep the ends inline. Now cut the tube. A piece of 1/2 in emt (electrical conduit) will fit nice and snug inside the rod. I suggest a long pc at least a ft long for added strength. now space the two ends about an inch apart, weld, grind smooth, and reassemble.
the shifter now sits straight and goes into gears like it should......
now we wait for owner to take this bug home!!!!
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