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Default Beam Endplates etc. in CAD.
Re:: For the Tech Bin?   

I thought I'd share these here too. Free to use on your own risk.
Thickness recommended for the endplates 10mm.
Baywindow endplates.dxf
Bayewindow endplates.pdf
Works for both early and late bays.

Splitbeam to baywindow.dxf
Splitbeam to baywindow.pdf
This one works both in splits and baywindows. In baywindows giving an extra drop in the front without changing the splitbeam suspension much.

Split beam endplates.dxf
Splitbeam endplates.pdf
The shocktower mounts differ some on the endplates. They are moved up but still fit under stock wheelwells.
Caster is increased to -3degree angle to improve the driveablity with a little rake too.

Finally these Horseshoes also in 10mm thick plates:
Horseshoes for baywindow.dxf
Horseshoes for baywindow.pdf

Type-1 pre-66 endplates.dxf
Type-1 pre-66 endplates.pdf

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