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Exclamation A walk thru on the Profile and it's new functions.

Profile tips and tricks.
The profile has new features to it , albums, friend/contact networks, social list, pretty cool I think.
So here's some tips on how these new toys work. This is mine, same as yours.
1 (Medium).jpg

okie dokie, first up, pictures, yes, a nother way to post pics, but these are conveniently store in your profile. Now, someone can surf YOUR pics easily. But before we get too far, you are still limited in your space, 50 pics per album or 1.9MB, which ever comes first. You can have different albums but your limit is still the same overall . So, lets get going~

See to the side, albums, click on 'add album'.
2 (Medium).jpg

You must put a title , description is optional and you can edit these anytime so don't fret here. Click on the album you want to edit, and in the ypper rt hand corner you'll see the link.
And you can delete one the same way.

You have the option, public or private, while in public, anyone can view your album, while in private only your contacts can , even if linked , only your contacts can view these pics. So DON'T put in threads!
click on Submit.
3 (Medium).jpg

ok, now ya got an album. And wow, 3 places that say 'upload pictures' , don't ever say ya can't find it (unless you have a blackberry thingy or a fender, don't show backgrounds well) So choose one~ click~~~

4 (Medium).jpg

New coalition perk, you get ALOT more room per album~
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