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Default Re: don't mind me

Alrighty now, here's the next feature, visitor messages. Different than PMs. These are public, so keep that in mind if you wish to it to remain private, but for 'hey buddy how ya doing?" or cool car man, etc, have at it. But remember, it's public.

To post in the profile, type in the box, hit post message, thats it.
vis 1.jpg
now here's the tricky part. Above I have a note from my friend crash10. I want to reply, back to him. DONOT post in the box above it, why? cuz this is YOUR profile, it does not magically transfer to his profile. So here's how ya do this, simple, click on your visitor name, you'll be transported to their profile, and there you can leave a message.
Aint this cool?

And another little trick, say you two start chattin back and forth, but forgot what was in the previews note, nooooo problem. See where it says, view conversation with -----------? click that.
vis3 (Medium).jpg
And there you go, only posts between you and that friend.

Now, when you and your friend are done, you can leave these notes in your profiles OOORRrrrr, you get to dump them, just like in your pm box.

You will still see it a deleted box, no one else can except staff too., but we can periodically come along and permanently dump them.

Now hopefully that will keep you guys from looking funny talking to yourselves~
I won't name names
ok, onto the next great feature~
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