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Default Re: don't mind me

Notice also in your profile, you have these tabs, each one opens a different page.

AboutMe , now, when you signed in, you had to put in some lil info, email, place, cars. Well before you had to edit and add thru your user cp. But now? you can edit direct. If you are coaltion, you can edit your 'for admin only' there too. Just click on that little pencil icons and edit away.

Statistics is a way to see all your posts and threads you have. Looking for one you started? now you can search for it.

Freinds, allows you to see a list of them instead of just those lil boxes on the side. You can edit there too, in case someone ticks you off~ hey, it happens.

Infractions, no need to describe that, we don't bother playin that pansy point shit, act like an idiot and we deal with you direct.

Contact info, self explanatory.

Dats all for now folks~
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