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i had the same problems last year with a 30 i had on this motor. sigh
i wasn't to sure about my carb rebuilding skills , thats why i got my bud to do it
( j-man mechanic, used to be a aircooled only guy)
he's outa town so [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/Idunno.gif[/img]
i ended up putting a weber one barrel on there this morning that i had kicking around, put a 122.5 main in it, don't have any air jets so it might run lean @ higher rpms, but at least its running.
it still wont idle worth crap,( way rich ) but its starting and seems to run o.k. at higher rpm's
just a wicked lag right off idle. got to pump it a few times to bring the revs up, then there seems to be a nice snappy throttle then. i'm going to do a search right now to see if i can get some info on tuning this one, at least i'll be able to limp it to the local vw clubs season opener show on sunday [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/Dancing.gif[/img]

i've got a box of carbs, mostly solex 28's with worn throttle shafts, and couple of thirtys
this 28 i got off a guy cause it seemed rebuildable, the shaft only has maybe a tho play in it [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/Idunno.gif[/img] i might buy a new carb if i have to, but what with u.s. exchange rate its a lot more $$$$ up here
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