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Lots and lots of intersting solutions for carbs above above..


<span style="color:red"><span style="font-size:36pt;line-height:100%">If the car backfires, it's timing,</span> not carb...</span>

It can be caused by several things.. but if the engine is backfiring it is firing the plug(s) at the wrong time...

check yer timing.. not sure what it should be for yer particular engine

check your distributor carefully.. gap in and condition of the points, cap, wires, plugs, the lobes on the shaft of the distribitor(no flat spots>?)

this should solve backfiring.. then its on to tuning in the carb itself...

A good rebiuld kit for yer carb should be used.. AND more importantly a very thourough inspection of all moving and threaded parts. does it open/close/go up and down/ thread in and out correctly? if not of course repair or replace..
slap it back on and follow any bentley or 'idiots guide' instructions on tuning the carb in...

but definitly got some timing / firing too soon issues going on there boss...

good luck!
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