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Originally Posted by Jon @ Mar 4 2006, 07:42 PM)
You should not recomend that someone cut and weld their Tie rods even though if you had to do it slugging them like you did is preferred.
I'm not suggesting ANYONE do what I have done here:) Just like any advice someone gives you, take this with a grain of salt... use your head and your own judgement. Modifying ANY car's suspension is literally taking your life into your own hands... so make SURE you know what you are doing... preferably BEFORE you do it. This post is a refined process from how I was shown how to do it almost 15 years ago from another VW guy...

Originally Posted by (Jon @ Mar 4 2006, 07:42 PM)
I suggested that people should just buy a tap for like $10 or so and cut the RH thread end off the appropriate amount and re-tap deeper. Interestingly enough when you cut your Tierods off you will still have some thread so re-tappng them is really easy. I did mine from start to finish in like 20 minutes with a tubing cutter, a tap and a Dremel for cutting the pinch slot.

This could be a life saver as theres nothing to break.

One question, where did you get the idea to use hose clamps and angle iron to hold it straight ?
Great idea Jon:) i agree totally. altho I am confident in my welding ability to do it the way I did. The only trick with re-tapping that I can see is that not all tie rods are setup with the pressure clamp on one end and the tapered 'wedge / bolt' clamp on the other. Older tie rods have the wedge / bolt on both ends which is a little harder to duplicate... but yeah I would say if you aren't SURE you can weld... you prolly shouldn't be cutting the front end in half anyways:)

and the hose clamp and angle iron trick was suggested by another volksrodder member... like several other tricks used in the build. I honestly don't remember who ...
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