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Default Re: Just another vent window mod string

This is my second installment on the vent window mods. Today my friend Brandon and I went out to the weld shop where he works and TIGed up the aluminum pieces. A couple small mods and the driver's side is done. So without further ramblings...

1. This shows the freshly welded pieces. All welds need to be cleaned and then lastly polished but there are still a couple of minor mods that need to be done first. The first is that the excess needs to be trimmed from both pieces of aluminum. I basically just took the piece that was cut out of the middle and added it to the end on the glass frame. The other frame was rewelded since my error earlier with the final cut being to fit up into the door's window frame.

2. This and the following pics just shows the post cut to length and the vent window frame and glass frame installed for mock up.

To address the previous questions, the upper hinge can't really be flipped as the inner part holds the contour of the frame work. My solution will be to pop the rivots, then move it to the appropriate position. Also in doing so, I'm going to cut the tabs where it hinges loose and fasten them together and then retack them once the other pieces are in place. This will assure that they are at the correct angle so the window pivots as it should. You can't really see it in the pictures but the original upper pivot point when opened up is way off. It could actually fasten in the closed position but as soon as you start to open it, it starts to bind. Aside from the hinge issue and the way the frame fastens to the aluminum post, there really aren't any major issues in this modification. The fastening at the aluminum post is merely a matter of adding a small tab with a hole in it where it can be rivoted again which is what I'm going to do. I'll hilite this as I do it in my next installment.

Thanks to all for the comments as I know how these type of things have helped me up to now. Can't wait to see yours as well Ray! And I do so know what you mean. I got back from doing the welding today and started cutting before I had even taken any pictures of the parts to that point. Luckily I caught myself half way through cutting the aluminum post and got the picture I needed.

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