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Default Door Panels

So I spent my lunch hour sitting in my car listening to the stereo, and while I was sitting there I was doing what we all do and daydreaming about what I want to do to the inside, and I came up with something that I think sounds really cool, but I'm not sure how possible it is.

I made the door and quarter panels in my first bug so I know the process about the thin sheets of wood with foam and vinyl. And I've seen how to's before about making them more three dimensional by making simple designs with a second layer of wood on top of the first one.

So here's my idea, it's copyrighted! no stealing! if someone else did it before they travelled into the future saw mine and stole it, i want their names... lol, sorry....

anyway, the idea:

There's plenty of vintage pinups with the womans body basically in an "L" shape (legs flat, sitting either leaning forward slightly, or straight backed) and I'm thinking of putting that on the door panel so her legs would be along the bottom edge, ass in the rear corner, and back along the rear edge.

My initial thoughts were of very careful creation using multiple pieces of wood wrapped in foam and vinyl on the second layer. I say multiple because there'd have to be different colors for it to look right.

Then I thought that maybe i'm over complicating it and it just wouldn't look right, so maybe I should buy a blank fiberglass panel and have an artist friend paint the pin up on and then put a clear coat over it to protect it. but that sounds like a cheap cop out to me and i can't imagine being as proud as I would be if i actually did it right.. not that the glass way is wrong, it just seems lazy or something (no offense to anyone who thinks otherwise..)

Anyway, does anyone have a link to a how to for the 3-d style creations, or does anyone have any better ideas or thoughts on the idea?


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