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Ok, let's see if can exlain this how I see it in my twisted little brain...

The first layer would be the darker skin tone and would be the entire shape.
The bathing suit, right arm, left hand and hair would make up the second layer.
I would cut the first layer out of 1/8" luann (doorskin - you can get it at the Home Depot, just don't let them oppress you ) and wrap it in vinyl only - no foam.
For the 4 second layer pieces I would cut them out of luann, glue on some 1/8" landau foam (the stuff they use under a car's vinyl roof - get that at your local auto upholstery shop, a yard should be enough for this project) and then vinyl in the colours of your choice.
Here's the part that I think could make or break this project.
When you wrap the second layer pieces leave any edges that match up to the edges of the first layer loose. As in don't fold them over just leave the extra material hanging off the side. Spots like around the outside edge of the hair and down the back side of the right arm and the front of the right fore arm and the entire right hand. Get it? Here's why - Once you have any non matching edges wrapped, attach the second layer pieces to the first layer using appropriately sized staples (or small wood screws or both) from the back side of layer one into layer 2. Still with me? Now wrap all those edges you didn't wrap before right back over layer 1. If you don't do this, you will see the layer 1 colour underneath the layer 2 colour all the way around the outside edges.
Watcha think?

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