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Default Re: Holley 2100 info wanted

Originally Posted by sallyandsean View Post
How do I fine tune it. At the moment it's a little rich but can't figure out how to lean it out.
Yeah sounds like it's running good from your video. For the fine tuning you can start with the idle mixture screws. That's the first and easiest place to start. If you're still too rich after that then you need to start looking into jets and all that fun stuff in the carb.

I've never had the chance to play with one of these carbs, and I'm not sure if the procedure is the same, but this procedure applies to most idle mixture screws.

Warm up the engine and make sure the choke is fully open. Hook up a vacuum gauge to manifold vacuum.
Turn off the engine.
Turn both idle mixture crews in until they lightly bottom out.
Turn each one out one and a half turns. It it won't start and run, turn the mixture screws out more. Make sure you do the same amount for each screw.
Start the car back up and set your idle speed using the idle speed screw.
Adjust the idle mixture screws the same amount, I usually start with half turn on each one, until you have the highest vacuum you can get.
Then readjust your idle speed with the idle speed screw.
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