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Default Everette - Intro & Volksrod build

Hi all,
Just recently acquired a '69 beetle project and decided to make it a v-rod before I really knew how large the v-rod community was. The car was basically a pan, body shell, with trans-axle. Other misc. parts were included with the purchase. We were lucky to find this car in such good condition (virtually no body rust). It appears the previous owner kept it covered in its resting place (in the woods). Started this thread in hopes to have a place to ask questions as I go.

Here are some pics of the retrieval:

First thing we did was separate the body from the pan and cleaned out all of the pine needles.

Placed the body on a dolly:

Started patching the floor:

Ordered my 10" extender from Doug and rattle bombed it:

Lowered the rear of the car 2 inner splines. Wheels seem to stand up pretty straight:

I ordered the set screw type beam adjusters to lower the front so that I could pre-load if necessary. Here are some installation pics:

Update 2/11/2015: New brake calipers!

Bolted the motor on to prepare for trimming off the rear apron

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